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Change Your Home Air Filter
Holiday Cleaning Tip!
Soap Scum Removal Cleaning Tips
Benefits of using green cleaning chemicals


Cleaning Tips for Soap Scum Removal
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Change Your Home Air Filter

         The one part of cleaning most forget about is changing the air filter. We notice in the majority of homes we clean that the filters are rarely checked or changed. We always focus to keep the vents cleaned out specially the return air vent. 

      Regular maintenance of your home heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is critical to ensure its long life and proper operation. Proper maintenance of your air system can help keep your loved ones safe from extreme temperatures —and may also help save you some money in the long run.

Holiday Cleaning Tip!


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     The Holidays are here and we are all running around in circles trying to prepare! Sounds familiar im sure lol.  For most of us we plan, plan and  plan more but making the move to get started is the hardest part. We all make lists of everything that we need, call family and friends to make arrangements then comes the hard work of getting the house in order!     

Soap Scum Removal Cleaning Tips

       Cleaning Tips For Removing Soap Scum

      Of all cleaning we do on a weekly basis the number one cleaning issue we run across is Soap Scum! It doesn't matter how clean your keep your house, kitchen, bathroom etc. soap scum seems to always be there. Most all of my customers complain about it and ask what the best method is to get rid of soap scum. 

To start with lets discuss what soap scum is and why it seems to mysteriously appear in our bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere you use water and soap.

Benefits of using green cleaning chemicals

  1. So, we hear all the time about companies using green cleaning supplies and chemicals and I get asked a lot what the benefits are in using them.

    I have listed below a few benefits to using environmentally safe chemicals in your home or office

    1: Your family will be healthier. Everyone in the house benefits from green cleaning: your spouse, the kids and even the family pets. The toxic chemicals... have a much stronger impact on animals and small children than healthy adults. We use only green clean and environmentally safe chemicals primarily by Spartan Chemicals.
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